Why GoOrganic?

  • We are a small and passionate group of individuals that provide Authentic and consistent, organic products. In fact we go beyond the products to offer an entire organic buying experience!
  • Its our constant endeavour to bring products that share with us, the same passion for wholesome organic living, to our customers. We search the length and breath of the country getting you such products, often non brands.
  • We work with small and marginal farmers, with our own unique constant evaluation system to ensure that your products are health and environmentally friendly.
  • Being an early entrant into the organic domain (since 2007), through our partner Organic Farmers Market and Tula, we are here for the long haul.
  • Complete traceability for any product, food or clothing to the level of the farmer and batch.
  • We go beyond the produce or clothing in organic, for instance we strive to avoid plastic packaging, keep our carbon footprint light and use glass, stainless steel not plastic containers where possible.
  • We are a small and nimble team, that hand picks your orders and processes them with care, so you get to experience the joy we do, when you unpack.
  • Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority. We offer no questions 14 day exchanges for clothing and stand by our organic products and produce.
  • We don't compromise on the quality or organicity of any product, especially the case of any product that has a variety of ingredients. We ensure that we are 100% organic and through about it.
  • Almost all of our farmers, partners and suppliers are personally known to us and they follow the same level of ethics and commitment as we do.
  • We pay fair prices (mostly higher than market prices) to artisans, farmers and others involved.
  • The passion to provide organic products at a reasonable cost is what drives us to deliver, we work with the support of a lot of volunteers thus keeping the prices affordable.
  • We are big part of the local community, and are in the forefront of all things environmentally friendly. For us organic products are beyond just another way of producing, it's a complete way of life.